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troy homes
troy homes
Troy Il Real Estate
troy homes
troy homes
troy homes
troy real estate
troy real estate
troy real estate
troy real estate
troy real estate
troy real estate
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troy high school
troy high school
troy high school
troy high school

Search The Troy Illinois Real Estate Market,
Then Call Us To Tour Troy IL Homes For Sale

Searching For Homes For Sale In Troy

Choose An Agent, Then Choose A Troy Home For Sale... Not The Other Way Around.

Most People Don't Like Pushy Sales People, So They Avoid Working With An Agent Until
They Find A Troy House For Sale . Then They Work With The Agent Connected With That
House. The Right House Purchased Through The Wrong Agent Can Cost You. There Are
A lot Of Incompetent And / Or Un-Ethical Agents Out There & Out For Themselves
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Real Estate Loans In Troy, IL.

Most real estate contracts require the buyer include a pre-approval letter with your
offer to purchase a home for sale in Troy...
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The Mortgage Process - Troy, IL.

Summary Of The Troy Real Estate Mortgage Process:

1. Prequalification

2. Purchase a Home For Sale In Troy.

3. Apply For Your Loan

4. The Processing Of Your Loan Application...
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Reviewing Homes For Sale In Troy, IL.

The first place most people start would be in various printed publications
such as Troy newspapers & Troy homes for sale magazines.

The problem I have always had with newspaper ads is they are usually two
weeks behind. Some Real Estate offices have this down to an art, they will
put out a full page ad with color pictures, give a poetic description, no address,
maybe 3 lines of text and the office phone number.
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Touring Homes In Troy, IL.

Touring Troy IL. Real Estate - Homes For Sale

I will help you look out for the following list below. You will be looking to see if you
want to live there, I cannot make that decision, nor will I, you'll have to let me know...
I am concerned about condition & functionality.
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Troy Home Inspection

Troy Home Inspection

A few years ago, I was watching Barbara Walters on her television show 20 / 20.
They were doing a show on Home Inspectors & Real Estate Agents located on
the East coast. I was all to familiar with what they were reporting & covering,
I have seen the same situation going on here in the Troy real estate market.
Here's the story...
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Real Estate Taxes For Troy, IL. Homes For Sale

Tax Exemptions
When you are browsing the Troy Homes For Sale on this web site, & looking at
the spec sheets, look down just about the "remarks section". There you'll see
the amount of County Taxes along with the recorded Exemptions associated
with that property. Remember, the tax amount divided by 12 is added to your
monthly payment.
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Troy, IL Homes For Sale By Owner

This is a touchy subject to address. I really don't want
to discourage you as a buyer from pursuing a home in Troy for sale by owner [FSBO] .
I also do not want to see a FSBO take advantage of you.
I have assisted buyers purchase Troy homes for sale by
owner in the past successfully, with my "win-win" style of negotiating
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Real Estate Deed Restrictions For Subdivisions In Troy, IL.

We Can Email Restrictions For The Troy Subdivision You Are Considering Purchasing.
(Include MLS# or Address or Name of Subdivision in Troy IL.)
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Real Estate Plat Maps For Troy, IL.

Below is an example of a typical plat in a local Troy subdivision.
Why not look at a lot layout before you purchase? [Read More]

Earnest Money Troy, IL. Real Estate Escrow


1. serious and intense; not joking or playful; zealous and sincere.

2. not petty or trivial; important.

3. money given as a part payment and pledge in binding a bargain:
in full earnest money.

4. something given or done as an indication or assurance of what is to come; token.

Q: When do I submit my Earnest Money check?
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Submitting An Offer On Troy Real Estate

Before Submitting An Offer To Purchase An Troy Home For Sale...

An offer to purchase real estate in Troy consists of much more than
throwing a number on the table. There are several components that
make up a solid and successful contract that will not only protect you
during the pending status, but will make the transaction go smooth
until & after the closing date.
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Negotiate An Offer To Buy An Troy Home For Sale

One dictionary says that negotiation is:
"To discuss with a view to reaching an agreement"

Negotiation is the ability to change the opinions of others through
a climate of Favor; instead of Force...

It takes tact, not tyranny, honey, not vinegar... A cool head will get
you ahead... The person with the ego loses.

Some will lie to achieve their goal.
Some will steal to achieve their goal.
Some will terminate your friendship to achieve their goal.

Stay alert to anyone attempting to deceive you.
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Accepted Real Estate Contract - Troy Home For Sale

You have just spent the last several weeks if not months looking for
the right home in Troy, done some shopping in regards to Financing.
You made an offer on a Troy house and experience successful negotiation
with a seller.

You now have an ACCEPTED contract...
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Termites In Troy, IL. Homes For Sale

Do Homes For Sale In Troy Have Termite Problems?
I have heard:

All Homes In Troy Has, Had Or Will Have Termites
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Troy, IL. Real Estate Closing

The Day You Go To Closing

You have been through shopping & touring homes for sale in
the Troy real estate market, Have an accepted contract,
conducted all the inspections, went through the loan
process & obtained approval...

Now it's time for CLOSING.
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History Of Troy IL.

In 1819, ten acres of land in southern IL became the future city of Troy. Settler John Jarvis sold the ten acres for $10 per acre to James Riggin and David Hendershott. The community formerly known as Columbia was then mapped out, surveyed, and renamed Troy by James Riggin. Within a year, the village was populated by 120 people, and began a growth which hasn't stopped since.

Troy IL humble beginnings started with just a band mill, storehouse, taverns, and housing. With the addition of a post office in 1833, and the National Road in 1839, Troy would become the first stagecoach stop for travellers to and from St. Louis, 18 miles west of the budding community.
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Relocation to Troy IL

Contact BRAD WALLACE Metro MLS Realty LLC For Troy Relo Information @ 618-656-8282

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VA - FHA - Conventional Loans For Troy Homes For Sale


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